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Top Rated Paintglow semi permanent hair dye in the World for safety

Its Official. We’re Top of the Charts!

Beating our competitors and even the majority of the Market Leaders in the semi permanent hair dye world, our rebellious semi-permanent hair dye formulation came in shared first place for safety in the January 2018 Edition of ÖKO-TEST Magazine

Made in the UK. Tested by Germans.

Scoring the highest in various tests, PaintGlow™ Rebellious Semi-Permanent Hair Dye came in at the top for its colouring agentsbox information and most of all – its safety.

Are we Surprised? No!
Are we over the Moon? Yes!

We always knew our Rebellious Formulation was one of the best on the Market. Now you don’t have to take just our word for it.

Oko test recently tested 14 of the main stream semi permanent hair dye brands in their laboratory in Germany including our own Rebellious brand.

PaintGlow is pleased to announce that OKO test scored our Rebellious semi permanent hair dye joint 1st place for safety scoring higher than our main competitors.

The report finds MIT and CIT in other competitors hair dye which they say can sometimes trigger violet allergic reactions. They also found other problematic preservatives in other branded hair dyes.

non of these chemicals were found in our Rebellious semi permanent hair dye hair dye.

You can visit the OKO test website by clicking this link